G-Tamin 7 Days – The Ultimate Antioxidant Blend with 50% Pure L-Glutathione


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Brand: Glutanex by Nexus Pharma

Elevate your skin’s radiance with G-Tamin! Crafted with a rich 50% pure L-glutathione yeast extract, this powerful liquid supplement is designed to diminish melanin production, promoting a more even skin tone. Beyond that, G-Tamin’s harmonious blend offers protection against oxidative damage to skin cells and energizes with its enriched 5-vitamin composition.

A dynamic supplement designed to amplify vitality and energy. Beyond its energizing properties, G-Tamin serves as a shield, protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful effects while fortifying the immune system. Its skin-brightening prowess is powered by 150mg of high-potency (50% purity) L-glutathione yeast extract, complemented by white tomato extract, a natural reservoir of phytofluene and phytoene, known to counteract damaging UV rays.

But G-Tamin’s benefits don’t stop there. It’s enriched with a spectrum of multivitamins, including vitamin C, B1, B3, and B6, and bolstered with zinc and taurine, all working in harmony to enhance antioxidant and immune functions. Trust in G-Tamin’s quality, as it’s crafted in a facility certified by the MFDS (Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety), ensuring adherence to the highest standards. Choose G-Tamin for a holistic approach to health and beauty.


Ingredients: 150mg L-Glutathione Yeast Extract, White Tomato Extract, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B3, B6, Zinc, and Taurine


Dosage: 1 Bottle [Tablet (450mg) + liquid 25g]


How Many Pieces Per Pack? 7 Days Dosage


Product Disclaimer: For information on risks and side effects, read the box’s leaflet insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist. Any advice given is from the manufacturer and acts as a guide only. As body chemistry varies, effectiveness and reactions may also differ. Intended for use by professionals. Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those with a known allergy to this product’s active ingredients. Store in sealed, shaded containers at room temperature (between 1˚~30˚).


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G-Tamin 7 Days – The Ultimate Antioxidant Blend with 50% Pure L-Glutathione
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